Backup gem 4.x requires different template

3 years ago
Posted by andri
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because there is no restraint for the version of the backup gem it will always install thelatest version.

and since version 4 there are some changes in the templatesee

[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error] CLI::Error
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error] --- Wrapped Exception ---
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error] Config::Error: Invalid Configuration File
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error]   The configuration file at '/opt/backup/models/data.rb'
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error]   does not appear to be a Backup v4.x configuration file.
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error]   If you have upgraded to v4.x from a previous version,
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error]   you need to upgrade your configuration file.
[2014/02/20 09:39:45][error]   Please see the instructions for upgrading in the Backup documentation. 

  Solution :

# Backup v4.x Configuration 

Added that to the config template

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